About Roel

Roel Nederveen is a Dutch photographer and image-creator. Before starting his own business, he studied photography in The Hague and assisted several leading commercial photographers.

Working in his Amsterdam based studio, Roel embraced the virtues of digital imaging in an early stage and gradually pushed his skills to a high level, regarding photorealism and enchantment.

Although excellent at digital editing, Roel remains a photographer in the first place: “Much more than the knowledge of Photoshop, it is the knowledge of photography that leads to a breathtaking, yet credible picture.”

Production-wise Roel has lots of experience too, always keeping a sharp eye on limitations in budget and planning.
From a simple portrait to a complicated mix of photography and digital editing; every job, shot on location or in his studio is carried out with dedication and enthusiasm from sketch to end result. Doing so, he is working for a wide variety of clients.

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Roel Nederveen photography +31 6 54 62 53 53  Email: info@roelnederveen.nl